Lizjul’s Spirit of Heart



August 18, 2014


Elizabeth J. de Almeida (Lizjul)

Indie Artist, Singer/Songwriter 



Lizjul, New Indie Artist of Westchester NY, Releases Debut Album, Spirit of Heart

Mamaroneck NY - The debut CD album of Elizabeth Julianna de Almeida, known professionally as Lizjul, will be released August 15, 2014. The album titled “Spirit of the Heart” features Lizjul’s unique vocal harmonies and melodic sounds. Throughout the album, Lizjul inspires listeners to seek their own personal purpose, to dream and to make their dreams a reality. This lends meditative and ethereal qualities to the toe tapping songs of the album. Although the CD album defies definition, the album has a spirit of “New Age” eclecticism that envelopes the listener in artistic inspiration and optimism.  


Lizjul’s voice can be heard throughout lower Westchester County NY either as one of the lead singers for Back In The Day, a 70s and 80s, Rock-Rhythm and Blues band in White Plains NY, or as the cantor and choir member at the Church of St. Pius X in Scarsdale NY. 


Lizjul uses her music to get to the fundamentals of life: a journey of exploration and fulfillment.  Her CD album, “Spirit of the Heart”, encourages the listener through original songs to explore life to the fullest, and to make one’s life meaningful. The album reflects the personal journey of Lizjul. and her journey to fulfillment is a happy one.

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