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Welcome Everyone to my platform and journal of voice and music. Through rhythms and the sounds of melodic voices, you can feel the music surround you, creating a reflective and melodious atmosphere. Come and Listen.

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"I love this CD, Spirit of Heart. I put it on for my 30 minute drive to work and before I know it, the time has passed and I have arrived at my destination peaceful and relaxed. Liz blends contemporary, pop, jazz and a bit of fantasy, new age into this most upbeat and uplifting CD. 

My two favorite tracks are "Spirit of Heart" and "If I Could Climb Over the Mountain", thank you very much for this Liz !!!"

Tom M,
Scarsdale, NY

Close Your Eyes And Listen To Melodic and Harmonic Voice.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to listen to melodic, harmonic, meditative and ethereal vocals, harp, percussion and orchestral sounds.

In writing songs, I discover hidden thoughts, feelings, trying to answers to life's questions. It's about pondering and retrieving resolutions. In singing, my natural voice is drawn to rhythmic melodies, deep tones and harmonies. I'm soprano, soft gentle, melodic, and other times I can be deep, with deeper tones (contralto).  I though I love music R&B, Rock, Folk, Country, Folk, Jazz, I do find that my genre is Eclectic New Age.

Coming soon.

I will be able to sing on your recordings, play a minute or two of harp on your song. or I could write you a song. 


"Your voice always had a calming effect and lifted my spirit.  Each composition in Spirit of Heart creates a different mood and makes me feel happy. Whatever you sang Liz, whatever the words or the tune, it is so beautiful and melodious and there is no one I know who would listen and be untouched.  I am grateful for blessing of creativity that you have been born with and how it has touched me. I pray for your continued success. God Bless you"


~ Sejal Shah

Morristown, New Jersey