A singer with a melodic voice, and a harpist, poised with a more simplistic style and sound.  It's melodic sounds of voice to the beautiful tones of the folk harp.   

I classify my music as Eclectic New Age, in that I look to merge vocal sounds that are meditative, ethereal to music that reflects a new dawn; finding our purpose, finding the healing powers within us through music.


I am both a Cantor (Leader of Song) for my church Saint Pius X, a choir member, a singer in a band called Back In the Day, and coming soon, the founder, singer and harpist of the non proft, Music and Psalm for Serenity.  In my church, I sing traditional and contemporary music at some of the regular and special masses, such as Christmas and Easter. I mostly sing at funerals, hoping to offer comfort to the families and friends, who lost their loved ones.  Over the years I have developed a soft spot for singing certain songs. My favorites are: 


As The Deer Longs (Bob Hurd)

Make Us One (Gary Walth)

Ave Maria(Franz Schubert) 

Dante’s Prayer (Loreena McKennitt) 

We Are The Reason (AVALON)


Traditional songs I love 

Make Us True Servants (Susan G. Wente)

In The Breaking of The Bread (Michael Ward Philip)

Child of Our Dreams (Marty Haugen).  And many others. 

Go Tell It On The Mountain (John Works - words - African-American Spiritual)


As a singer and band member in Back In The Day, we play 70s 80s Rock and R&B music.  I specifically sing songs from Heart (Ann and Nancy Wilson) and Aretha Franklin.  Other songs we do, to name a few, are The Chain (Fleetwood Mac) Band On The Run (Paul McCartney and Wings) Promises (Pat Benetar)  Time Warp (Yes, The Rocky Horror Show) Lady Marmalade (Patty Labelle version - Bob Crewe and Kenny Nolan) and 

more.  We are currently embarking on modern country.



A taste of a musical life developed in my early years.  With parents and grandparents having musical talents, that I believe, I inherited; Mom trained as an opera singer, and has a wonderful ear for harmony and can sing with the style of contralto. I picked that from her. Grandma sang in choirs,  Grand-Dad was an organist, Dad played the classical guitar, and could sing as well with a bass voice.  I first played the autoharp in a 1978 school concert in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with a choir of 6 to 10 years like myself. I played the African American spiritual song, Michael Row The Boat Ashore.


   I Invite You To Listen


So, now I have made use of my musical abilities to try my hand at songwriting and creating melodies and simple harp arrangements, through the self released and self produced debut album, Spirit of Heart. It is a start.  


My quest is to take a leap of faith, continue my dreams of playing in an ensemble of musicians; to play together in places where music of the new age is very welcome.


I hope you will follow me on my musical journey.  So that you will know of my musical projects and endeavors. It will be a slow and steady motion, like the rising of the sun. But if you can hang in there with me, I assure it will be a unique experience and a beautiful one.