Being Distracted, And Trying To Find Something to Quiet the Mind

Photo By Suzanne Claire Photography

There are times when I’m heading for work, into the city by train and then by bus, that I get distracted. When people are moving about, my concentration would be broken.  It’s so annoying really. But every so often, it happens. So then, I would have to try and focus, and bring myself back to where I can continue to enjoy my book or even thoughts. 

Now,  you do have to be aware of your surroundings. There’s no doubt about that. But once I have established that the surroundings are sound, I can concentrate on my reading or writing right? Ugh, not for me. Particularly when I have a lot on my mind.  My focus shifts, from side to side and I easily get off track. But I have discovered more and more, that there are two things that help me to focus.  Drawing and Music. Drawing puts me into a meditative state.  As I’m focused on the lines, the shapes, the curves, the slow creation coming together, my mind is calmed and quieted. When I draw, I draw people, sometimes with instruments, like harps, guitar, the flute and cello (or I try). But as I focus on drawing each of these subjects, from start to finish, my mind is pulled away from the many thoughts that crowd my mind at times. Music does the same for me as well. 

I would never think that it would.  Because, I would sometimes struggle with exercise and practicing. Only to get myself to do it! It’s like pulling teeth, with me. I mean, get up Liz, and start exercising on your musical instruments. Now, the quieted and calmed mind, happens after I practice. Yes, that’s right. For it seems that the exercising, helps me in the long term, not short term. What I mean is that it seems to be, that by engaging in music exercising that part of my mind or brain, it opens up the door and says, “ ok focus is here, let her through the door please.” I find that when I work on the harp, write a musical arrangement, or compose a little, concentration is invited and welcome fully. It will have long term effect, for as long as I keep it up.  

 When I continue this wonderful ritual,  I’m able to block any distractions. I go deep into the place I want to be. My mind is calm, quieted and in a good state of serenity, so that I may accomplished what I need and have to accomplished. I guess that’s what music is all about, to calm our minds so we focus on what’s really important to us. It’s like a spiritual and prayerful process.