Message From Lizjul - Reflecting On Debut Album Spirit of Heart

                             Hello Fellow Music Community
With the Spirit of Heart debut album, in tow, like many indie artists, the focus is to explore ways to share it.

The goal of this album is to open doors for music exploration where I can comfortably place myself in. And as a new indie artist, and as for many new indie artists starting out with music,  music becomes a vehicle for artistic expression, to grow and to prosper, either vocally, musically or both. And in my case, both.  With harmony, gentle melodic vocals to strong and deep vocals, I create songs that depict a journal of understanding, personal journeys and sharing discoveries from those journeys.


The genre for the music I make is eclectic new age. Because there are different ways to tell a story or to share a thought,  a feeling, or a way to describe it.  The eclectic part of my music, I guess can be described, as how thoughts, feelings and stories are. And that is, sometimes unpredictability. Not so much, that you could become disconnected.  But just enough to speak to the heart and mind, so that there is a connection that can be made. Perhaps a deeper one.


Voice is my instrument and it’s the most prominent in my songs.  In two of the songs, my harp joins me to produce a very different sound. The harp has become my music partner.  It’s a wonderful sound, both voice and harp together, which gives me a platform of music explorations for future music. Stay Tuned for more!