Music Ambience

What do you say to music that creates a meditative musical environment, where sounds, can intimately express the concepts of meditative, reflective, calming music? And what would you say to that concept, which invokes a profound impact on the mind of listening audiences?  The response would be Ahhhhhhhhhh 

I want to share with you just an imagery of a performance, just for the purpose of calming our minds, allowing for reflection or and even just to have a meditative experience.  You know the feeling you get when you are listening to the music, that is calming for you.  Here, it’s the same idea, only with words to create and describe a musical ambience, and what that might look like. Surroundings and all.  The experience begins here. 

The music offers an experience that is a mystical, ethereal, worldly, atmospheric, for audience members, to have the opportunity to be part of a moment, a subtly of love, encouragement to be as one. It’s a very special evening. It’s the making of a musical ambience. The music atmosphere, is in a hall of polished wood, no scent, smooth, and cushiony seatings, with plenty of leg room. 
The air is clear, and easy to breath in a place, that is filled with a magnitude of inclusiveness, peace, serenity.

Listeners are brought closer to the musical journey.  And from the corners of the room, musical compositions and discoveries are sounded through the walls of the hall. It’s voice, it’s instruments, sharing a conversation in tune and in harmony.  There is poetry, there is storytelling.  Some are funny experiences, others are objects of concern, lessons that can be learned through the journey of the artists and from the individuals' source of expression and impression. 

It is music where one can be transfixed in time, and strongly moved with the elegant voice and with  exquisite delivery of music from the musicians. The ambience is never broken, until the performance is over. For even the musicians, move about the hall, transitioning from one instrument to another, in an unassuming flow, that is quiet and fluid. It is done so to exclude any unwanted interference, with the audience’s listening experience and for the musicians, own musicality and deep connectedness with the audience.  

Within this comfortable, and almost mysterious environment where everyone could be made to feel, as one, the real meaning behind the musical ambience is to bring the audience members together, even for this one special, moment of serenity, reflection, and meditation in music.  In response, is a feeling of a strong resonance and renown cheer.

Photos By Bandzoogle Stock Photos