Songs Are Blueprints To Define. What is your song?

If we were to sit down, and make a sound and create it into a song, what would it sound like?  And what exactly is our song? Not speaking of the many choices of songs we listen to, but our very own song. The song that would come from us. The natural song that defines what is within us. Songs do come from within us, but I want us to give more thought to this. Because I believe a song, defines who we are, what we are. It describes, something of ourselves, our existence, our purpose in life. Let me explain by example.   

I love to sing R&B, Rock, Country, Pop and Contemporary, Classical, traditional music.  In fact, I do sing in a 70s and 80s Rock, R&B, cover band, called Back In The Day.  I also sing country music as well as traditional, contemporary spiritual and religious songs.  But when I sit down and thrash out a song of my own, it’s neither of these genres. Although my voice can express these types of music, the one that is from my inner self is totally different.  I use to say to myself, why can’t I naturally create a song like the one’s I’m listening to? Why can’t I naturally sound like the voice styles in the songs, that I love to listen to. Ok, yes it does take practice, and it can be a choice. But I do understand that it is most important to embrace the voice or the song, that is truly ourselves, if we haven’t done that already.  

If I attempt to create songs that sound like the music I love to listen to, it doesn’t come out with what I intended. The sound is totally different. And the more I attempt, the more I am roadblocked. Why? Because, it isn’t my song. It isn’t my natural sound and definition from within, if you will.  

Songs, I believe are blueprints of what defines us; tells the name of our purpose; who we are, what we are. We may not be able to define it in one word, but there is an identity of ourselves, that a song represents. And a sound, I believe, is what we feel is our existence and how we choose to express it. Sound demonstrates what it has in common with our inner being, than anything else.  And the song we make from the sound,  may not be what we decide it should be. The sound that first comes out from you, when creating a song, is what I believe is the natural sound. And the song, made from the sound, is what defines, the part that is naturally you and your meaningful existence.  

What is sound, for you? What would you say, if you could name it, is your song? You’re existence song. Songs and sound from me, in terms of style, is a mixture of the genres I love, that is some how dwarfed into something else. Now, this could be taken as a form of influence from these music genres, which is a whole other topic. But, my own sound, is a soaring sound, like an eagle’s wings. And my song, is to rise. That I believe is my purpose, or at least one of them.  And it can mean, myself to rise and to encourage the people who listen, to rise as well.   

We have songs within us, that seem to define our purpose, and we all have them. Through our natural sound, I believe we will be able to determine the name of our song, the definition of what we are, who we are. Our meaningful existence; the purpose we heed to find.