The Archangel of Music For Our True Selves

There was one day when I was thinking about what music is able to do for us personally.  Certain music, (and in this case it would be the music you, yourself, choose and like) and listening to it, I feel that it actually breaks down our defenses. Breaks it down, so that we can be our true selves.   

And what’s that? I kind of feel like, in the deep core of our true selves, is happiness.  There’s no judgement on ourselves, no judgement on the mistakes we made or of mistakes that we think we made, no feelings of worthlessness. Just happy to just be.  Music can help us capture that moment for us. 

Of course we know,  that this feeling doesn’t last very long; because of the daily hustle and bustle of life.  The hustle and bustle keeps us fighting and putting up our defenses, to protect our true selves from being harmed. There’s nothing really wrong with that. Defenses are our protection right? To protect and defend the the real us, the true us, from being damaged from some of the harshness of the world. But how long can we continue that? How long can we have our true selves be hidden? Until the music plays. 

I was thinking, that music, what ever the music we choose and like, creates a moment for us, of this feeling letting our true selves arise. Ok, so what’s the hullabaloo about all this and what music does?  Think about it.  When your listening to music, can you feel as if you're in a good place or that a peaceful place is being created? A happy place for our minds. Like a form of meditation was taking place.    

When I say Archangel of Music for our true selves, I feel like the music just allows us to be, without, fences, without barbwire to block us. I’m speaking metaphorically.  Once we hear the music, we go into a state that removes all of our guards, and just simply allows that side of us, that doesn’t come all the time, to just have a chance to be. The part of ourself that is in a happy place, but is hidden.  We can feel emotionally free there, can’t we? That’s what I believe the archangel of music does for us.  The archangel of music creates an environment to be in the moment, and allows us to be free and to be.