Photo By Suzanne Claire Photography

Welcome to my journal. I changed the name from blog to journal, because I mostly identify with the word journal, and the leather and hard cover  bound books that words are written in. Not to mention that I own quite a few journals!   Writing in journals unleashes new discoveries, inspirations that are unveiled before your eyes.  Journals are wonderful tools for the mind, and for the heart and soul as well. And writing about music with this form, is a great place to experience what you write and the atmosphere and expression you make with it.  

In this journal, there are my experiences with music, travel, art and writing.   I hope you will find enjoyable and inspiring to read. 

Where Is the Best Place To Write? 


Is there a time and place that is best for writing? I use to say that the Fall or Autumn season was the best time. And being in my home, is the best place to write. I still feel the same way, but there have been times when I've left the house to go someplace else.  Not necessarily to where the water is on a beach, or in a quiet park. Sometimes, I get the feeling or the message to be in a rather noisy cafe.  And I say a message because it's feels like a driving force. I do wear earplugs in these…

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